Honorable Jan Pawlowski, Former Adams County Commissioner

Honorable Bob Briggs, Former Adams County Commissioner

Honorable Marty Flaum, Former Adams County Commissioner

Honorable Kevin Priola, State Senator

Honorable Mary Dambman, Former State Reperesentative

Honorable Herb Atchison, Mayor City of  Westminster

Honorable Heidi Williams, Mayor City of Thornton

Honorable Nancy McNally, Former Mayor City of Westminster

Honorable Chris Melonakis, Retired District Court Judge

LuzMaria Shearer, Foreign Unit Coordinator, Office of the Attorney General (Ret.)

Honorable Mary Ellen Pollack, Brighton City Council, Mary Ellen Bail Bonds

Adams County Sheriff's Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge One

Dr. Edward Bertagnolli, Bertagnolli Dental Station

Everitt Merritt, Merritt Trailers

Dr. Marcy Rose, O.D., F.C.O.V.D., Vision Center, P.C.

Dr. Larry Weddle, Weddle Orthodontics

John Domenico, Federal Fruit and Produce

Ben Frei, Albert Frei & Sons

Gary Disher, High Plains Leasing

Dave Schultejann, 120 85, LLC